Will THC Skin Cream Get You High?

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CBD may be revolutionizing skin care, but this non-psychoactive compound isn’t the only cannabis derivative that has beauty brands excited. A growing body of research shows that THC could also be a boon for your skin — the question is, will it get you high in the process?

It won’t, but that hasn’t stopped some people from worrying about it. Lots of myths about THC have been circulating for decades, in large part due to its psychoactive effects. And despite the newfound acceptance of CBD among Baby Boomers, and the ever-broadening definition of what a typical cannabis user looks like, much of the media coverage around cannabis is still based on the false dichotomy of “CBD good, THC bad.” The general idea seems to be that CBD is what you take for acne breakouts or muscle relief, while THC is what you take when you just want to zone out.

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Original Article Source Credits: https://cannabismd.com/

Article Written By: Sarah Tyrrell

Original Article Posted on: N/A

Link to Original Article: https://cannabismd.com/beauty/skin-care/will-thc-skin-cream-get-you-high/


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